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28th April 2009

andreaknoll3:59pm: Mike Watt: A Man With A Bass And A Van

Mike Watt is the man in the van with a bass in his hand. The Minutemen and fIREHOSE co-founder, who, after taking to the stage with the reformed Stooges, is currently touring with his band the Missingmen, is known for jamming econo since day one. For those of you not familiar with Wattspeak, "jamming econo" is Watt's slang term referring to the idea of doing things economically. For example, touring the country in a Ford Econoline van, carrying your own equipment, booking your own shows -- cutting out the middleman whenever you can.

The Minutemen were known for their short songs and to-the-point lyrics, which also serve as a perfect example for Watt's ethos. Why confine yourself to a "verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus" format of music when you can get your point across in a more economical way -- with crushing bass lines, fast intense drumming and ripping guitar parts clocking in at about one minute and thirty seconds at a time.

Watt's music is also very hard to put into one category and he likes it like that. Fellow Minuteman, the late D. Boon (who tragically died at the age of 27 in a van accident in 1985) once said, "Punk is whatever we made it to be." By this, Boon meant that punk, by definition, was the way in which you did something and not what the music sounded like or what the people playing it wore. It's also been made clear that punk to Watt was never an angle to sell records. Which is exactly the point. Watt considers that labeling shit is the job of marketing men and his job is to make that real hard.

Watt is also relentless in his efforts to keep making music and keep inspiring young people to be creative. Talking with him though, I learned that inspiring people is not what it's all about -- it's also about getting inspired from others in return.

Click HERE to read the full Q&A with Mike.

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25th October 2007

volkster1112:32pm: IGGY POP in Moscow 9/11/07
60-years, absolutely mad, devilishly charming, the present incorruptible rock-star. But also he is favourite.

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16th September 2007

nofutureforever2:43pm: Moscow concert report

Old man gave stinky, sweaty teens to do the shit.


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26th April 2007

heraliceeyes10:52am: Hi! I saw The Stooges on April 19th and 21st, and I've posted my review and front row pictures in my journal.

See that cat, yeah I do mean you...

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24th April 2007

paulderochie1:43pm: Did anyone see the Stooges in Detroit and remember when Iggy told that guy to shut the fuck up? I think the guy said he had a small dick. Whatever that show ruled.

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18th March 2007

naturalysparkly1:51pm: Ello! I bring you a link to a fab, new community that some of you might be interested in and a funny picture! Enjoy! :)

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6th March 2007

warsaw35012511:25pm: My copy of "The Idiot" recently got scratched. The only song damaged was "Tiny Girls". Could somebody upload it for me so I can burn a new copy of the disk?


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1969baby1:30am: At the risk of getting my ass kicked...
I wrote a Stooges fan fic. It's slash(yeah, gay sex). I thought someone here might wanna read it, despite how dead this community is. :P

Title: Boredom
Pairing: All of them, Iggy/Ron/Scott/Dave
Rating: NC-17
Notes/Warnings: Heroin, bloodplay, elements of non-con(not rape), sadism, Ron's nazi fetish, incest. This more than likely didn't happen, but one must admit that they're insane enough for it. It's extremely explicit and definitely not for the squeamish.

( If you hate slash or don't know what it is, for fuck's sake, don't click this fake cut )


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26th February 2007

melkaya_natasha12:41pm: The Gods!!!

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14th February 2007

heraliceeyes12:08am: Hi, I'm Alice. Been a Stooges fan for about two years. I've lurked around here a while, and even though this community's a bit quiet maybe there's someone who can help me with this.

I got this clip from my friend, who taped it off PBS like 10 years ago. It's pretty awesome, but something's been bugging me for a while. Who's that playing bass?? It's not Dave Alexander, in fact I'm almost sure Dave Alexander's the one on the ground with Iggy. Does anyone know who else it could be? Oh, and I've got some Iggy icons over here, if anyone's interested. :)

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16th October 2006

cojos_revenge2:16am: Venture bros season finale spoiler
So .. my friend Bryan told me that 3 very individuals come out near the end..
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15th May 2006

backin3:48pm: Hi everyone! Please help me. I love the Iggy`s song The Passenger. But I haven`t my favorite version from Manchester Apollo,`77. Have anybody this MP3? If you have, please, write to me.
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28th February 2006

paulderochie10:18am: I am actually quite surprised at how good Heavy Liquid is. I've only listened to the Ypsilanti rehearsals, the New York Rehearsals/Max's Kansas City, and the San Francisco Live show. Having bought a fair share of live recordings I was quite surprised at the quality of these. The mixes are pretty flat, true, but everything is completely audible. Further more the actual musical quality of the songs is great. I've heard "Cock in My Pocket", "Johanna", "Open Up & Bleed", etc., in several live versions, and while being good, it was frustrating not being able to hear everything audibly, but the demos and rehearsals very clearly present these songs. I'd like to get the Fun House complete sessions as I admittedly like the Stooges more than Iggy & the Stooges. But this boxed set is fucking amazing. Anyone else got any opinions?
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13th December 2005

gothikfaerie11:33pm: new member. old fan.
heyas, just stumbled in while looking around for anything from the Clevo punk scene - hell, Deetroits close enuf. Anyway i saw awhile back someone was asking about the song 'Ann'.. my books aren't at hand to check the references but i think in possibly Legs McNeil's 'Please Kill Me' or maybe even Mick Rock's fabulous Stooges photo book there's a reference to this song. If i'm not brainfried (heh. here?) and mixing things up it was supposedly about the Asheton's sister. If not this song then another one, but what other one comes to mind.. uhh.. yeh. Anyways glad to meetcha.
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9th October 2005

_electricmagic8:23pm: New bloodCollapse )

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4th October 2005

paulderochie5:31pm: Can anyone tell where I could obtain a Fun House Complete Sessions boxed set, if that is even possible considering they are obviously all sold.

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5th October 2005

gunshotbeauty1:59am: Iggy and The Stooges are going to be playing in Australia's Big Day Out in January and you can view the full line up and dates of the fesitval at the site


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20th September 2005

ronjeremyslover6:56pm: Of course ...
I've quit caring about this institution for many, many years now. Still, I'd have to say, about freakin' time.

The journalist buried the real news in this piece, so just scroll down a few paragraphs.


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10th September 2005

cojos_revenge2:23am: Albums
Does anyone have Telluric chaos or Disc 2 of the stooges self titled deluxe edition remastered? If so could you upload it for me in yousendit.com please? Mp3 only. Thanks in advance

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9th September 2005

kittywhip9:55am: From the Department of FUCK Hollywood!
A top secret movie is in the works about the life of Iggy Pop. Set to star as Mr. Osterberg is ELIJAH WOOD!!! Is it going to be directed by Ron Howard?

Someone stop this from happening right now.

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8th September 2005

schroff6:41pm: New to the stooges comunity

Hi everyone, I'm new to the stooges comunity. Been looking for quite a while for something motor city on lj. I started my own comunity but no ones posted there yet,  glad to find there are more people like me. Anyway if you like all that detroit rock n' roll please visit my comunity 


Sorry for promoting my site here, just wanna get it going...

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22nd August 2005

paulderochie6:43pm: What do you think of the single verison of "Down on the Street", the one with the keyboard?
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