Roadkill Removal Technician (kittywhip) wrote in the_stooges,
Roadkill Removal Technician

From the Department of FUCK Hollywood!

A top secret movie is in the works about the life of Iggy Pop. Set to star as Mr. Osterberg is ELIJAH WOOD!!! Is it going to be directed by Ron Howard?

Someone stop this from happening right now.
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What the fuck?
yeah i heard that too. what the hell!
that's pretty disgusting. I just hope everyone involved forgets to make it.
NO WAY!!! Let's revolt!! He doesnt even resemble Ig at all!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHHA! That was the funniest thing I have ever read on LJ..
lmfao...elijah wood! HAHAHAHAHA oh my god....ron howard!
I know! But it angered up my blood! The Ron Howard thing was just me being sarcastic. What a fucking ridiculous thing.

Deleted comment

AHAHAHA fucken elijah wood.. he's got a chineck. too fucken wierd. but... who would we want as iggy if a movie?
And I'm still reeling over Joaquin Phoenix playing Johnny Cash ...
hell, i'd watch it.
fuck it.
iggy transcends.
Iggy probably picked him