Julia (_electricmagic) wrote in the_stooges,

1.you've been a fan for how long?: Hmmm... about six months, give or take
2.favorite song(s) off "the stooges"? No Fun
3.favorite song(s) off "fun house"? It's a tie between TV Eye and Down on the Street
4.favorite song(s) off "raw power"? Search and Destroy, Gimme Danger coming in close second
5.favorite unreleased stooges song(s) Never heard any :-(
6.favorite stooges song, period? Search and Destroy
7.favorite solo iggy song? Lust For Life
8.most universal stooges song? Search and Destroy
9.least favorite stooges song(s) None really
10.ever been to a concert with any of them, or even (*gasp*, you lucky bastard) more than one of them? when? how was it? No, but I would KILL for that opportunity
11.a petty question: favorite stooge, besides iggy? why? Ron, for his screeching guitar sounds
12.another: Not sure
13.favorite protopunk progenitor besides stooges? The Velvets
14.favorite related (i.e., punk) band/artist? or if you must, bands/artists? Punk? The Sex Pistols. But I'd also classify David Bowie as related, although I never thought of him as "punk."
15.yet another petty question: british or american punk? A little of both
16.just because I have to ask: is "neo-punk" evil? Pretty much
17.favorite song of all time (can include stooges)? Search and Destroy (this really really is the absolute best song in the world!)
18.favorite album of all time (can include stooges)? Houses of the Holy - Led Zeppelin
22. for more fun: guiltiest musical pleasure? Kelly Clarkson... I mean... what?
23.have you heard of the wylde ratttz and if not, can I spam them to you? Yes, and maybe.
24.gonna buy skull ring soon as it hits the stores? Nah
25.anything else? My name is Julia, I'm 14, and I live on Mars. Just thought that should be included.
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