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The World's Forgotten Boys

The Stooges fans
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For fans of Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, Dave Alexander, James Williamson, & Mike Watt, and Stooges enthusiasts in general.

Post whatever you want as long as it's in some way related to the band or your feelings/opinions on it.
If you want to make an off topic DISCUSSION post that's fine (well, hopefully it's got something to do with music); any other off topic posts are okay just so long as you add something stoogey the rest of the community can appreciate. :)
"zander", american caesar, angie bowie, ann arbor, ashetons, avenue b, beat 'em up, bill cheatham, blah blah blah, blondie, brick by brick, danny fields, dark carnival, dave "zander" alexander, dave alexander, david bowie, debbie harry, deniz tek, dennis thompson, destroy all monsters, detroit, elektra, firehose, fred "sonic" smith, fred smith, fred sonic smith, fun house, funhouse, garage, gimme danger, godfather of punk, godfathers of punk, iggy, iggy & the stooges, iggy and the stooges, iggy pop, iggy stooge, iwannabeyourdog, j mascis, james osterberg, james williamson, jim morrison, jim osterberg, jimi hendrix, jimmy osterberg, jimmy recca, jimmy silver, john cale, john sinclair, johnny thunders, kate pierson, kathy asheton, lou reed, lust for life, mc5, metallic k.o., michigan, mick rock, mike davis, mike watt, minutemen, new race, niagara, nico, nude & rude, nude and rude, old school punk, peanut butter, proto punk, protopunk, punk, punk rock, r.i.p. dave alexander, radio birdman, ravi shankar, raw power, ron asheton, sable starr, scott "rock action" asheton, scott asheton, scott morgan, scott thurston, scotty asheton, search & destroy, search and destroy, skull ring, sonic's rendezvous, sonic's rendezvous band, steve mackay, steve shelley, stooges, t.v. eye, the "fat beatle", the ashetons, the b52's, the chosen few, the dirty shames, the doors, the godfather of punk, the idiot, the igmeister, the iguanas, the mc5, the minutemen, the new york dolls, the pretty things, the prime movers, the rolling stones, the small faces, the sonic rendezvous band, the stooges, the stooges reunion, the velvet underground, the who, the wylde ratttz, the yardbirds, thin slim & none, thurston moore, tv eye, velvet underground, wayne kramer, williamson, zander, zeke zettner, zombie birdhouse